Commercial Electrical Testing

Commercial electrical testing is necessary on commercial buildings for safety and efficiency. Commercial building utilisation can be hard on electrical installations after a few years, causing damage and deterioration faster than in residential structures due to demand.

With more electrical equipment being used in offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties than ever before, it's more crucial than ever to ensure that your electrics are up to code. When utilised daily, more electrical appliances, laptops, and even microwaves and kettles can place a burden on your electrics. This increases the possibility of wire corrosion and unsecured wiring, which can result in electrical shocks and even fires.


Certified EICR Reports

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is more than just a compliance document: it's your assurance that the electrical system supporting your company's operations and premises is operating efficiently, safely, and in accordance with all applicable laws.

When you deal with City Electrical Services, you can rest easy knowing that a certified engineer will conduct a complete visual and physical examination of your electrical switchgear and accessories to ensure they satisfy BS standards.

EICR Testing takes place during normal business hours to minimise disruption, and it identifies areas of concern that require immediate attention as well as non-urgent work that may be arranged at a later time.

Ensure that all electrical requirements are met

A periodic complete EICR report will confirm that your electrical system is safe today and in the future.

Reduce Reactive Callouts

Keep track of any continuing corrective work, saving you time and money by avoiding the stress and cost of unexpected, reactive work.

Ensure Workplace Safety

Ensure that the premises and individuals – whether employees or guests – are safe from electrical system failures.

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