LED Lighting

In addition to offering low energy, cost-effective solutions to reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bills, City Electrical Services can help upgrade existing lighting to low-consumption LED equivalent fittings and fixtures.

With an upgrade to LED light technology, your company can reduce its carbon footprint and save money. City Electrical Services can design and install a complete lighting overhaul that uses the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bulbs.

A modern lighting upgrade proves 80% more efficient and can last up to 50 times as long. With a better quality and quantity of light distribution, your space will look cleaner, brighter, and more welcoming.


Our team will transform dull and old-fashioned lighting into dazzling and dynamic lighting, dependent on the needs of your business. As LED lights have shown to have a positive impact on energy, mood, and productivity, you’ll soon see a return on your investment.

Only 5% of the energy in LEDs is squandered as heat, whereas 95% is transformed into light.

They don’t release UV rays and don’t contain any poisonous materials, breakable glass, mercury, or harmful fumes.

Over the course of a typical 10-hour day, they emit 68 percent less carbon dioxide than a regular bulb.

Top-of-the-range LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, whereas incandescent lamps only last 1-2,000 hours.

When compared to a typical installation, an LED lighting system can cost 10 times less to operate each year.


LEDs can boost concentration by minimising eye strain because they are glare-free and the closest alternative to natural light.

Owning or running a business means that you will have your lighting on for most of the day so that your office is well illuminated. Lighting can consume much of your energy, so upgrading to new lighting technologies, such as LEDs, can help you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Survey Your Building

The lighting design we can create for your building will not only help you reduce the number of light fixtures, but it will also make the area more visually appealing. Furthermore, we can integrate presence detectors so that lights in low-use areas only turn on when someone enters the room.

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